How to Misinform People with Blogs and Make Money

Three Card Monte game on a cardboard box

A situation we all know too well A week ago I found myself debating the future of jobs with someone I have not met and do not know. And inevitably it reached the point of battling with information sources. And this is where every online discussion goes off the rails. Eventually an information source is … Continue reading How to Misinform People with Blogs and Make Money

Lethality of AI and Robotics

Frankly, this video scared me a bit. I do believe we should pursue AI and robotic research. But proceed with great caution nonetheless. This is important video for people to watch, but I don't believe it's appropriate for kids.    

It’s not about being tough on crime

It's not about being "tough" on crime or "soft" on crime. It's about using Data, Science, and social tactics to be smart on crime. Center for American ProgressCenter for American Progress Source: It’s Time to Get Smart on Crime

Station Wagons are Cool

I hear it all the time. Station wagons are not cool. And those people are dead wrong. Watch Mike talk about his Buick Roadmaster Estate that came stock from the factory with the LT1 Corvette engine. It's a very cool car in it's own right. But Mike's story, and his telling of it, really drives … Continue reading Station Wagons are Cool