The Way You Draw a Circle Says a Lot About You

Take out a piece of paper (go ahead — we'll wait), then draw a simple circle. Did you draw it clockwise, or counterclockwise? What about location —did you start at the top or the bottom? It might sound crazy, but you can actually learn quite a bit about a person's background from the way they … Continue reading The Way You Draw a Circle Says a Lot About You

When Origami Meets Dance and Photography – Fubiz Media

It's rare that three forms of art come together in a credible and fun way. It would be interesting to see the dancers perform live. Montreal-based photographer Melika Dez recently released a new series. Entitled «PLI.É», this multidisciplinary project actually combines dance photography a — Read on

Banksy shreds for $1.7 Million

This is what sets Banksy apart. And on a broader scale, what sets artists apart. It's not about the art, but rather the intellectual presence to create the idea. Sure, anyone can do "that". But not everyone can think to do "that". The work, “Girl With Balloon,” a 2006 spray paint on canvas, was the … Continue reading Banksy shreds for $1.7 Million

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