Drink Diet Soda to Lose Weight

Sure, obviously drinking water is a great idea. But there is no credible evidence indicating you will be harmed by drinking diet soda. And there is the upside of saving 150 calories over a regular soda.

The evidence supports artificial sweeteners over sugar…

Canadians Mourn Dead Racoon

What I find brilliant about this is how people responded to what would otherwise be typical complaining about City services. And Mayor Norm Kelly provides a social media lesson on how to respond. Nicely done.

Check out how the meme unfolded in Dead raccoon left on city street gets hilarious memorial published on SFGate.

Star Wars Comes to Life

The collective excitement of this film spans the globe. Made even more so by the revelation that real physical movie sets have been built.

The characters are physically real and not completely animated through CGI. The excitement of the actors during the interviews is obvious and I think that will bring the movie alive in a way we simply have not seen in the recent trend of Superhero movies.

There is only one Trilogy. And that is Star Wars.

850 Gallons for a Steak

The hard truth is that eating “American” Paleo is not environmentally sustainable. Not at the world’s population growth rate.

The Los Angeles Times published a great interactive post allowing you to select different foods to learn the amount of water required to produce and prepare them.


Why YouTube will be forced to change

This is an interesting trend and the first time I have seen a noticeable list of top YouTube channels migrate to a new platform revenue stream. Due to a complete lack of transparency, there has been a lot of frustration with YouTube regarding revenue potential.

I think this is a good trend and it will be interesting to see how the new media landscape develops.