Black children drown 5x more than White children

Now why would that be? Could it be that public pools were segregated (and not equal) which blocked black kids in the 50s from learning to swim? Which in turn leads to an activity from being passed on to future generations. Or is it that the maintenance of public pools is not something socially economic … Continue reading Black children drown 5x more than White children

Can’t Let Go of ‘S-Town’? Here’s What to Read Next

This is a great podcast that I think will be listened to for years to come. Even re-listened to. Kind of like watching one of your favorite movies. You know what's going to happen. But the sound of the voices and overall experience speaks to you on some level that you keep going back to … Continue reading Can’t Let Go of ‘S-Town’? Here’s What to Read Next

Public Policy Analysis Podcast For anyone interested in deep discussion about the nuances of social and economic problems, Vox's The Weeds is the podcast for you. The hosts of this show truly get "into the weeds" and dissect the different facets of complex problems facing us in society. Hence the name. I can assure you that if you spend … Continue reading Public Policy Analysis Podcast

Canadians Mourn Dead Racoon

What I find brilliant about this is how people responded to what would otherwise be typical complaining about City services. And Mayor Norm Kelly provides a social media lesson on how to respond. Nicely done. Check out how the meme unfolded in Dead raccoon left on city street gets hilarious memorial published on SFGate.

Star Wars Comes to Life

The collective excitement of this film spans the globe. Made even more so by the revelation that real physical movie sets have been built. The characters are physically real and not completely animated through CGI. The excitement of the actors during the interviews is obvious and I think that will bring the movie alive in a … Continue reading Star Wars Comes to Life