Black children drown 5x more than White children

Now why would that be? Could it be that public pools were segregated (and not equal) which blocked black kids in the 50s from learning to swim? Which in turn leads to an activity from being passed on to future generations.

Or is it that the maintenance of public pools is not something socially economic disadvantaged cities can afford? I’m not sure.

But it seems like there is a very simple solution to the problem that our society should implement. Check out the video.

Public Policy Analysis Podcast

For anyone interested in deep discussion about the nuances of social and economic problems, Vox’s The Weeds is the podcast for you. The hosts of this show truly get “into the weeds” and dissect the different facets of complex problems facing us in society. Hence the name.

I can assure you that if you spend your time listening and reading about politicians, then you are likely poorly informed about any given topic. The devil is in the details and it takes time to understand issues. And only until you fully understand the problem can you begin to work towards a solution.

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Canadians Mourn Dead Racoon

What I find brilliant about this is how people responded to what would otherwise be typical complaining about City services. And Mayor Norm Kelly provides a social media lesson on how to respond. Nicely done.

Check out how the meme unfolded in Dead raccoon left on city street gets hilarious memorial published on SFGate.

Star Wars Comes to Life

The collective excitement of this film spans the globe. Made even more so by the revelation that real physical movie sets have been built.

The characters are physically real and not completely animated through CGI. The excitement of the actors during the interviews is obvious and I think that will bring the movie alive in a way we simply have not seen in the recent trend of Superhero movies.

There is only one Trilogy. And that is Star Wars.

850 Gallons for a Steak

The hard truth is that eating “American” Paleo is not environmentally sustainable. Not at the world’s population growth rate.

The Los Angeles Times published a great interactive post allowing you to select different foods to learn the amount of water required to produce and prepare them.


Which Movie Did Americans Support?

Both movies involve a sniper. Both movies are about protagonists championed by Americans. Coincidentally, one film was released during the week of the other film’s protagonist’s birthday.

One protagonist worked tirelessly to promote the Civil Rights of oppressed and marginalized Americans through Peace. Never backing down in protecting the freedom and safety of those Americans and his family. The other protagonist found himself caught up in one of America’s greatest foreign policy and military strategy disasters in the last 100 years for the security of an economic resource. Taking incredible risks and putting himself in extraordinary danger to save his life and his group of Americans.

Which movie did Americans show support for with their money? Who should be America’s hero during this week of January 19th?

Selma…  $8.3 Million

American Sniper…  $90.2 Million


My Coldest Day Ever

This week I had the good fortune to experience the coldest day in Toronto Ontario Canada in the past year. The Financial District was 5 degrees Fahrenheit and -10 degrees with a windchill factor. That is cold. That is cold like I have never imagined. It’s unreal and there are no words that can describe that experience.

It is the kind of cold in which you have to be quite careful about where you are going because getting stuck outside is not an option. But I have to admit I kind of like certain things about it. An ordinary walk to Starbucks for a few blocks immediately becomes a slight test of will because you will be battling the elements the whole way.

I hope I get to see the city in the Summer because it has loads of character and style.