How Skype almost wrecked my career with bad UX! Video Transcript I upgraded Skype and it almost wrecked my career! Give me a minute and I'll tell you how it happened, how you can avoid it, and why a good user experience is more than just creating a bright and shiny user interface. So it all began when I finally relented to upgrading … Continue reading How Skype almost wrecked my career with bad UX!

Lava Lamps for Encryption

This is a remarkable piece of lateral thinking by the folks at CloudFlare. It's well known that random numbers are difficult to generate. It can be simulated, but any coded algorithm that generates the numbers can potentially be reversed engineered. So CloudFlare borrowed an idea from Silicon Graphics to use a wall of lava lamps … Continue reading Lava Lamps for Encryption

The Esoteric Composition of Radiohead’s song Videotape

Music notation in four bars with paino kick drum snare and hi-hat cymbal notes.

Radiohead recorded one of my favorite songs of all time. But for the life of me, I have not understood what puts them in that group of bands that exists above the fray. Popular but not.¬† Legendary but not massively. Contemporary yet throwback. This episode of Earworm by Estelle Caswell on Vox answers it for … Continue reading The Esoteric Composition of Radiohead’s song Videotape

The vegetarian Impossible Burger

Impossible Burger in a bun with lettuce and tomato on a paper wrapper

Yesterday I had the opportunity to try a plant-based burger that is famous for "bleeding". Meaning, you can order a medium-rare burger and it will actually look like a beef burger that is red as rare inside. This amazing food invention is made by Impossible Foods¬†and they are doing some good work here in creating … Continue reading The vegetarian Impossible Burger

How to Misinform People with Blogs and Make Money

Three Card Monte game on a cardboard box

A situation we all know too well A week ago I found myself debating the future of jobs with someone I have not met and do not know. And inevitably it reached the point of battling with information sources. And this is where every online discussion goes off the rails. Eventually an information source is … Continue reading How to Misinform People with Blogs and Make Money

Lethality of AI and Robotics

Frankly, this video scared me a bit. I do believe we should pursue AI and robotic research. But proceed with great caution nonetheless. This is important video for people to watch, but I don't believe it's appropriate for kids.